Is not it okay with a peck smell

I think that there are many people who are troubled because of this smell because of this smell. Even if I keep it clean every day, why do I have to stay for a while? It smells like a pun intended to think. It is hard to say to other people, even if we managed to find a way to self-solve it, do you? Many women are suffering by themselves. This smelly. People who are having trouble with Hamiko this time and wanting to eliminate the smell, please read them for your reference.

By growth of bacteria

There are some indigenous bacteria inherently present in humans to defend against bad bacteria, but since this bacterium grows excessively,a bad odor comes out.Originally women’s pussy is wearing underwear, so breathability> is impaired and it is easy to steam, it gets easy to grow bacteria at body temperature, so you can wear pantyhose and sit in the office work Continue to make your genital sweating easier. As such a condition lasts for a period of time, bacteria increase in the genital area, and a bad smell is born.In addition, by attaching a napkin during menstruation, bacteria will proliferate by mist and menstrual blood, and it will cause bad smell.

Cause 2 Due to collapse of hormonal balance

Pregnancy is a function only for women, so two female hormones are secreted to each other.

However, its hormonal balance is disturbed by causes such as stress, which can also cause this smell. For example, when estrogen secreted from the end of menstruation until immediately before ovulation is stable, both mind and body are stable, the condition of the skin is good, there is no strong smell of punk.

When progesterone secreted from immediately after ovulation to before the next physiology is predominant, it becomes perspiration owing to body temperature rise, which makes the environment more susceptible to bacteria more than usual. Progesterone also increases secretion of sebum so body odor is also tighter than usual.

Cause 3 by eating habits
Vegetables rich in allicin such as garlic and leek
Cook with a lot of spices
Meat dishes and fat-rich meals
There are things that involve eating habits as causes of smells, such as punks.

In the case of dishes containing these ingredients it causes a strong smell from not only Hamiko but also the whole body. Alcohol, garlic · spices and many foods, etc. will grow odorous smell components emanating from the body.

Meat dish increased bad bacteria in the intestines. It generates harmful gases that cause bad smells in the body. The gas passes through the blood and spreads throughout the body, and a strong smell leaks from pores and the like. Especially bamboo has poor breathability, so it is difficult to escape these smells outside, odor tends to become strong owing to the stagnant stench.

Cause 4 Depending on constitution

Also, there are only a few people, but some people have a stiff odor. This is the people who have the symptoms “awesaw”.

“Susumaki ga” is also called “vulva odor,” the same principle as “wrath” which occurs aside.

Sweat secreted from sweat gland called manko apocrine gland includes protein, carbohydrate, ammonia, iron, lipid, etc., which are caused by the smell, mixed with fat secreted from sebaceous glands, decomposed by causative bacteria of odor And it generates a unique smell.

Apocrine sweating from the sweat gland which is considered to be the cause of “awesomeness” has a yellowish tinge. If the underwear such as panties has turned yellow, it is sweat from the apocrine sweat glands, so the possibility that it will be “awesome” by that effect will be high.

Cause 5 Depending on illness

Because there is a possibility that you may be sick when the amount of wool is more than usual, the smell strongly different from usual is felt strongly, or the color is yellowish or brownish or polo-polo like cottage cheese Do not hesitate, it is important to see a gynecologist.

If it’s too late it will cause infertility at its worst so let’s go to the gynecology as soon as possible.

A way to improve the peck smell
Everyday care is important for improving the intense smell coming out of the mackerel. However, enfo

It is more body odor if it reduces or eliminates the secretion of estrogen by looping it and lacking exercise, sleep deprivation, or irregular stress.

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